Our 1st Annual Workshop a Success!

The 1st Including Annual Workshop took place as a virtual meeting and was organized by Project Coordinator ENEA on the 8th October 2020. The workshop was divided into two session. The morning session focused on the progress of the work in the project while during the afternoon session opened to the external participants important topics for the RN security were discussed. During the morning session, INCLUDING Partners shared updates about completed and on-going work for each work package. The technical work is continuing to advance on track and all deliverables due before the progress meeting were submitted on time. A big thank you to all consortium partners for their hard work on this, especially during the specific period of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.   The afternoon session, chaired by a project Partner representative from UCSC, was focused on three main topics. >> Open issues in nuclear security with a focus on the status of the international activities, the management of a radiological crime scene and problems in medical aspects posed by specific scenarios.  >> Recent events where radiation environmental monitoring has been key in assessing the...

1st Annual Workshop, 8 October 2020!

INCLUDING PROJECT 1st Annual Workshop8 October 2020, 14:30 CESTOnline event – Microsoft Teams Platform   Initially planned in physical presence and with a two-days format, the 1st Annual Workshop of the INCLUDING project will be held as an online event with a duration of two hours.   The objective of the workshop, the first of a series of five planned annually till summer of 2024, is to put under the magnifying lens specific issues in the field of prevention and response to radiological and nuclear emergencies. The workshop is open to project partners and external participants upon registration and aims at boosting cross-fertilization between the INCLUDING project activities, other EU projects and institutional and industrial operators in the sector.   This 1st Workshop will be focused on three main topics. >> The first is on open issues in nuclear security and with a focus on the status of the international activities, the management of a radiological crime scene and problems in medical aspects posed by specific scenarios.   >>The second topic deals with very recent events where radiation environmental monitoring has been key in...

Federation Open Day, 21 September 2020!

  INVITATION TO THE FEDERATION OPEN DAY 21 September 2020!  14:30 - 15:40 CET   We are happy to invite you to attend the H2020 INCLUDING project webinar, “Federation Open Day”, on the 21st of September from 14:30-15:40 CET. The main objective of the “Federation Open Day” is to exchange of expertise, knowledge and resources with other EU completed and on-going projects and existing clusters and to expand the cooperation with other national and international practitioner associations and projects.   AGENDA: 14:30 – 14:35 Introduction, Rachele Brancaleoni (Chairperson) 14:35 – 14:45 The INCLUDING Federation, Luigi De Dominicis 14:45 – 15:05 The INCLUDING web-based platform, Prof. Stathes Hadjiefthymiades 15:05 – 15:15 The experience of SSAV as testbed: INCLUDING Joint Action, Jyri Silmari 15:05 – 15:15 The experience of HMOD as testbed: INCLUDING Joint Action, Spyridon Kolovos 15:15 – 15:25 Questions & Answers session, Rachele...

New comic series 'Ross and Nate got included'

27 Aug 2020 by Paulina Jasiak, MBC
New comic series 'Ross and Nate got included'

Today the H2020 INCLUDING team is proud to introduce Ross and Nate – two heroes of the brand new INCLUDING project comic  ‘R&N- Ross and Nate got included’. With this new comic series, we are taking you back to the childhood and telling the different stories of the Ross and Nate adventures. In each episode, R&N deal with nuclear and radiological challenges and take part in one of the event provided by INCLUDING Platform. In the first episode ‘Radiation Measurement Training’, Nate gets prepared to enter the radiation zone with the anti-radiation suit. Ross is getting bored with the long-lasting process of putting on the suit and starts using the different measurement tools. See what kind of tool Ross uses for the radiation measurements and do not forget to answer the question from the end of this episode! We are looking forward to sharing the next episode of Ross and Nate adventures! Do not miss it! Link to download the 1st episode: https://including-cluster.eu/files/INCLUDING_comic_01.jpg See also in NCT Magazine: https://nct-magazine.com/nct-magazine-august-2020/including-project-which-tool-would-you-choose/

The release of 'Tests and trainings included in response to Radiological and Nuclear threats' article

The H2020 INCLUDING Consortium is pleased to announce the ‘Tests and trainings included in response to Radiological and Nuclear threats’ article, prepared by the Crisis Management Specialist involved in the INCLUDING project, has been released in two parts, on 29th of June (part I) and on 26th of August (part II) in the NCTMagazine. The main scope of the article is to make readers aware of the necessity of the radiological and nuclear (RN) training and establishing a unified and international RN crisis response. The first part gives an overview on the history of the past radiological and nuclear events within Europe as well as it pays the readers’ attention to the gaps and differences between each EU member policy and capability to respond to RN threats and even in the density of the measuring stations of the radiation level amongst them. The potential of the utility of new technologies such as 3D modelling, unmanned vehicles and virtual reality is also emphasised as a part of the developing new and improving existing solutions in the context of RN threats responding and training. The second part concerns the idea of INCLUDING Project and the tools which will...

Newsletter 2 out now!

14 Aug 2020 by MBC
Newsletter 2 out now!

We are happy to share the 2nd INCLUDING Newsletter!   In this issue: 1. INCLUDING during Covid-19 pandemic 2. Summary of INCLUDING recent achievements 3. Deliverables Submitted to EC 4. Publications: ‘Tests and trainings included in response to Radiological and Nuclear threats’ publication in NCT Magazine 5. Events to come: - Webinar INCLUDING Federation Open Day on 21 September 2020 - 1st Annual Workshop on 8 October 2020 as an on-line meeting - Joint Action in Bologna Spring/Fall 2022 6. The INCLUDING Federation Testbed: The Gemelli Hospital 7. Technical Corner: Robotic Inspection Systems in Nuclear Environments 8. Meet The Expert: Prof. Daniele Gui speaking about medical aspects of RN events   Read and download here!  

INCLUDING to participate in STAIR4SECURITY webinar

On April 24th 2020, INCLUDING will take part in the STAIR4SECURITY webinar where their experts’ platform will be demonstrated to number of related #H2020 security projects. The webinar will be hosted by Tom Flyn, from TFC Research and Innovation. To know more about STAIR4SECURITY, please visit http://www.cen-stair4security.eu.    

Our project in STAIR4SECURITY Newsletter

14 Apr 2020 by including team
Our project in STAIR4SECURITY Newsletter

One of our sister projects is @Stair4Security (i.e. twitter id.) and we have been collaborating closely with them, especially Ms. Patricia Compard (Chairperson CEN TC391) and Tom Flynn (@TFCRIL). The main objective of STAIR4SECURITY is to deliver a collaborative platform as a 'single entry point' for information on the security sector stemming primarily from research activities in order to allow for better governance of standardization needs in the Disaster Risk Resilience (DRR) and Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNe) sectors to be realised. The platform will be practitioner / policy-making driven. This month (04/20), STAIR4SECURITY issued their newsletter. Coverage on INCLUDING project (@H2020Including) is well represented.   STAIR4SECURITY NEWSLETTER  It includes a video interview of our Project Coordinator, Dr. Luigi De Dominicis, which is also on their website. On April 24th 2020, STAIR4SECURITY will host a webinar to demonstrate their platform to many related #H2020 security projects. This will involve the participation of the INCLUDING project. We look forward to it and continued...

Newsletter 1

7 Feb 2020 by MBC
Newsletter 1

It’s been a busy first months for the Horizon 2020 funded INCLUDING project. Our first newsletter will give you an idea of what project partners have been getting up to and an overview of what INCLUDING is trying to achieve. Summary : - Project: Kick-off Meeting, 1st RN Workshop, Joint Action  - Technical Corner: The Concept of Federation - Meet the Expert: Prof. Friedrich Steinhäusler   Newsletter #1 [.pdf]  

UPDATE: 1st Workshop on the Radiological and Nuclear Training Framework in the European Union

AGENDA (full version including speakers) update 20 January 2020.     We invite you to participate at the 1st Workshop on the Radiological and Nuclear Training Framework in the ENEA Frascati Research Center (Rome), 27th January 2020.   Background Radiation and Nuclear (RN) emergencies are by far the most feared by people and difficult to face by the authorities also because new scenarios add to conventional ones to further widen the range of intervention of First Responders. In this context training and exercise is probably the most important element that can make the difference between life and death, loss and preservation, incident and tragedy. Nevertheless, RN t raining for First Responders still differs between EU countries and this hamper the sharing of expertise and affect countries’ capabilities to manage RN crisis in cooperation with or in support to others countries.   Where we are There is an increasing effort aiming at standardization at EU level of the training activities for First Responders involved in CBRN crisis management. These actions respond to specific directives contained in the European...

INCLUDING Website now online!

30 Nov 2019 by MBC
INCLUDING Website now online!

The INCLUDING Consortium is pleased to officially announce the launch of the project’s official webpage on the 30th of November 2019. Our goal with this website is to provide our visitors an easier way to learn about INCLUDING project, its developments, consortium and the progress in research.


INCLUDING will participate in the NO-FEAR and STAIR4SECURITY Joint Conference that will take place at the Unicatt in #Rome on 23rd of November. The event will focus on CBRNE and Disaster Risk Resilience, DRR Standardization and Best Practice Engagement. The conference is of interest to policy makers, innovators, research and development experts, as well as standardization, ethical and data protection professionals. Sign up to the conference and meet INCLUDING!

INCLUDING Kick-off Meeting

2 Nov 2019 by MBC
INCLUDING Kick-off Meeting

The Kick-off Meeting of the H20202 project INCLUDING took place on 3rd and 4th of November 2019 in Rome, Italy. The meeting gathered consortium members in order to define a plan for research and project’s progress.