Newsletter 4 out now!

by MBC / 31 Aug 2021
Newsletter 4 out now!

We are happy to share the 4th INCLUDING Newsletter!


In this issue:


1. The INCLUDING project marathon!

In light of the travels ban due to the COVID 19 pandemic, INCLUDING has succeeded to execute on 22nd June 2021 at the Piraeus Port Commercial Terminal in Athens its first Joint Action…


2. Summary of INCLUDING recent achievements


3. The 1st INCLUDING Joint Action at the Piraeus Port Commercial Terminal

The Hellenic Ministry of Defense has organized on 22nd June 2021 a Field Exercise at the Piraeus Port of Athens and dealing with the identification, recovery and custody of an Orphan source in a cargo container…


4. The 2nd INCLUDING Annual Workshop Chaidari (Greece), 24/25 June 2021  

Focused on nuclear security in maritime infrastructure, it has been held in physical presence and with three presentations from remote.


5. Presentation of the Joint Action in Mikkeli (Finland) – 13/16 September 2021

The second Joint Action of the INCLUDING project is a Field Technical Exercise (FTX) that will take place in the Finnish city of Mikkeli, 200km northeast of Helsinki and organized by the South Savo Regional Fire Service.


6. Presentation of the joint Action in Saclay (France) - 20/22 October 2021

Area 500 of the CEA Research Centre in Saclay (Paris) will host the third Joint Action of the INCLUDING project


7. Technical Corner: the INCLUDING web based Platform at the Piraeus Port Joint Action

Delayed for the Covid-19 impact, the debut of the including web based Platform in a Joint Action materialized itself in the Piraeus Port Exercise. Results have been in line with expectations and in some aspects, well beyond.


8. Meet The Expert: Aleksejus Livsic speaking about field exercises in nuclear security



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