The video from the 1st Nuclear Power Conference Israel

by MBC / 30 Dec 2020
The video from the 1st Nuclear Power Conference Israel


The video from the NP1 - The Nuclear Power Conference Israel - Threats, Challenges, Opportunities, held on 10th November 2020 in now available. Including project was presented at the conference  by the Project Coordinator, Luigi de Dominicis from the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA), who described European Union collaboration in nuclear security. Including video starts at 02:57:52 and lasts 17min.



Below you can find the list of all presentations from the NP1 conference. 

·         1st international conference in the world deals with the Nuclear Defense Nuk-Def from HEMP to lessons learned & applied from Fukushima, Chernobyl & 3 Mile Island incidents. Professional led by the World Nuclear Forum 193

·         1 00:00:00 1min | Israel - OPENING WORD - DR. COL. (RES) ORI NISSIM LEVY, CONFERENCE CHAIR International expert in Nuclear Defense, Chair of the Nuclear forum


·         3 00:03:02 9min | ARIEL U DESCRIPTION

·         4 00:12:14 14min | "WORLD NATIONS RANKINGS +NUCLEAR FORUM +CONFERENCE STRUCTURE" Dr. Ori Nissim Levy, Dr. Benny Brosh

·         5 00:28:32 17min | USA "WORLDWIDE NUCLEAR TRENDS" Dr. Rachel Bronson CEO Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

·         6 00:45:48 18min | Israel "NUCLEAR SECURITY" Major General(Res) Uzi Dayan former head Israel National Security Council Deputy Chief of Staff IDF

·         7 01:03:08 13min | Japan "MEDICAL LESSONS FROM FUKUSHIMA DISASTER" Prof. Atsushi Kumagai Head of Center for Advanced Radiation Emergency Medicine National

·         8 01:16:45 22min | "DIRTY BOMB & ITS VIABILITY" Dr. Motti Brill senior nuclear scientist extensive exp. radioactive materials

·         9 01:32:44 22min | India "IMMENSE AMOUNTS NUCLEAR DISASTER INSURANCE" Dr. Sushil Gupta Former senior member,Nuclear Power Corp. of India Atomic Energy

·         10 01:54:12 23min | Germany "NUCLEAR FUEL SAFETY & ATOMIC BATTERIES IN SPACE" Dr. Daniel Freis EuropeanCommission, Joint Research Nuclear Security

·         11 02:32:00 26min | "SURVIVAL OF MEDICAL CENTERS AFTER NUCLEAR BOMB EXPLOSION" Dr. Benny Brosh building Director dep. Israel Standards Inst.

·         12 02:57:52 17min | Italy "EUROPEAN NUCLEAR SECURITY COLLABORATION" Dr. Luigi De Dominicis, ENEA National Agency Fission Dep. Head INCLUDING 15 counties participation led by EU

·         13 03:12:00 23min | "SUBATOMIC PARTICLES USE IN MEDICINAL &DEFENSE PURPOSES" Prof. Aharon Freidman Head of Schlezinger Center Accelerators

·         14 03:35:27 9min | USA "ENERGY SUPER CONSORTIUM IN THE MIDDLE EAST - SUPERCHARGING- FOR THE NEXT 80Ys" Alex Copson ACU Energy Inter. Director

·         15 03:44:06 20min | "REGULATION LAW GAPS IN RADIOACTIVE EVENTS, HOW TO BEHAVE IN LACK OF LEGISLATION" Prof. Stelian Gelberg Head Radiation Safety Division Ministry of Env. Protection

·         16 04:04:13 25min | Brazil "NPPs WEAK POINTS & COMPARISON OF REACTOR TYPES WORLDWIDE" Dr. Luis Lederman reactors safety expert Former IAEA

·         17 04:59:40 25min | Panel "ISRAEL'S NUCLEAR AMBIGUITY - RECALCULATING ROUTE 2020" Host: Nir Dvori, Military Defense senior Journalist, Israel News Company Panelists: Prof. Uzi Even, Prof. Aaron Friedman, Major General(Res) Uzi Dayan, Major General(Res) , Dr. Ori Nissim Levy

·         18 05:20:20 14min | "RESILIENCE MEASURE NATIONS' PREPAREDNESS RADIOLOGICAL DISASTER" Dr. Eyal Lewin, Ariel U National Resilience Research

·         19 05:35:06 22min | "LEGAL ASSESSMENT OF ISRAEL IN LARGE-SCALE EMERGENCY RADIOLOGICAL COMPARATIVE WORLDWIDE" Prof. Eli Salzberger Former European Association for Law, president

·         20 05:55:46 24min | "DEFENSE AGAINST NUCLEAR RADIATION -INDIVIDUAL &HOME UNIT LEVELS" Dr. Efraim Laor National Research Inst. Disaster ReductionHIT

·         21 06:17:55 18min | "CYBER IN THE NUCLEAR WORLD" Major General(Res) Yaakov Amidror former head National Security Council

·         22 06:35:25 19min | USSR/Israel "CHERNOBYL DISASTER LIQUIDATORS ALLIANCE-INSIDE INFO" Dr. Vadim Khasdan,Union of Chernobyl Disaster liquidatorsChair

·         23 06:50:31 24min | "MASS EVACUATION FOR SAVING LIVES IN NUCLEAR INCIDENT" Dr. Yehoshua Socol,JCT,former CERN researcher

·         24 07:14:45 19min | "USES & FAR-REACHING EXAMINATIONS OF RADIOACTIVE TOOLS" Dr.Josef Shoef, Manager of Israel's largest Radioactive materials lab

·         25 07:32:22 23min | "MEDICAL ASSESSMENTS FOR A RADIOLOGICAL EVENT BIOLOGICAL DYSOMETRY, SOURCE EXPOSURE" Dr. Michal Margalit lab Director, IAEA +Israeli Ministry of Health funded

·         26 07:52:17 11min | "HEMP ATTACK+DEFENSE, LARGE FACILITIES PROTECTION " Eng. Oren Hartel former Chief RAPHAEL Scientist, UN Adviser to India Gov.

·         27 08:02:28 15min | "DEVELOPMENT OF NUCLEAR DEFENSE MODELS WORLDWIDE –COMPARING ISRAEL, JAPAN, FRANCE, GERMANY, USA" Dr. Ori Nissim Levy, ONDM developer Operational Nuclear Defense Model

·         28 08:16:28 23min | Inside Look "NUCLEAR WARFARE: REALITY vs. IMAGINATION, SCENARIOS & SIMULATIONS" Yaron Zakay, Advanced Weapons, Participates Saddam Hussein's Iraqi reactor bombing,Former Mossad Operative

·         29 08:36:24 24min | "RADIATION DAMAGE LONG-TERM EFFECTS -NUCLEAR INCIDENT" Prof. Gad Rennert Since Chernobyl 1986 treated the 1300 'liquidators

·         30 08:58:42 23min | "CONSTRUCTING CYBER RESPONSE PROTECTING NUCLEAR FACILITIES – LESSONS FROM INTERNATIONAL AIR, SEA & LAND PORTS WORLDWIDE" Roee Laufer, established cyber system for classified facilities, Div. Head cyber Security Port Authority 31 09:19:07 3min | CLOSING REMARKS Dr. Ori Nissim Levy