Our 1st Annual Workshop a Success!

by MBC / 15 Oct 2020
Our 1st Annual Workshop a Success!

The 1st Including Annual Workshop took place as a virtual meeting and was organized by Project Coordinator ENEA on the 8th October 2020.

The workshop was divided into two session. The morning session focused on the progress of the work in the project while during the afternoon session opened to the external participants important topics for the RN security were discussed.

During the morning session, INCLUDING Partners shared updates about completed and on-going work for each work package. The technical work is continuing to advance on track and all deliverables due before the progress meeting were submitted on time. A big thank you to all consortium partners for their hard work on this, especially during the specific period of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.


The afternoon session, chaired by a project Partner representative from UCSC, was focused on three main topics.

>> Open issues in nuclear security with a focus on the status of the international activities, the management of a radiological crime scene and problems in medical aspects posed by specific scenarios. 

>> Recent events where radiation environmental monitoring has been key in assessing the possible onset of a radiological emergency.

>> Possible use of assets and capabilities of RN domain for the support in countering COVID-19.

A number of participants took part in the Annual Workshop, listening and discussing the interesting presentations given by the representatives from  Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA), Policia Seguranda Publica (PSP), Catholic University of the Sacred Heart , Hellenic Ministry Of Defence (HMOD),  Security And Freedom for Europe (SAFE).

The video recording and presentations slides from the afternoon session can be found here:

Video:  https://including-cluster.eu/videos/video_annualworkshop.mp4  

Slides: 1st Annual Workshop – presentation slides [pdf]

We also invite you to check out the information shared by Speakers :

From Antonio Cervone - ENEA (from their ppt): https://iris.enea.it/handle/20.500.12079/55143#.X38fpdAzaM8

From Antonella Cavallo - DG ECHO: https://ec.europa.eu/echo/what/civil-protection/resceu_en

Thanks to all the Speakers and our consortium Partners for a successful Annual Workshop!