New comic series 'Ross and Nate got included'

by Paulina Jasiak, MBC / 27 Aug 2020
New comic series 'Ross and Nate got included'

Today the H2020 INCLUDING team is proud to introduce Ross and Nate – two heroes of the brand new INCLUDING project comic  R&N- Ross and Nate got included’. With this new comic series, we are taking you back to the childhood and telling the different stories of the Ross and Nate adventures. In each episode, R&N deal with nuclear and radiological challenges and take part in one of the event provided by INCLUDING Platform.

In the first episode ‘Radiation Measurement Training’, Nate gets prepared to enter the radiation zone with the anti-radiation suit. Ross is getting bored with the long-lasting process of putting on the suit and starts using the different measurement tools. See what kind of tool Ross uses for the radiation measurements and do not forget to answer the question from the end of this episode!

We are looking forward to sharing the next episode of Ross and Nate adventures! Do not miss it!

Link to download the 1st episode:

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