Newsletter 2 out now!

by MBC / 14 Aug 2020
Newsletter 2 out now!
We are happy to share the 2nd INCLUDING Newsletter!
In this issue:
1. INCLUDING during Covid-19 pandemic
2. Summary of INCLUDING recent achievements
3. Deliverables Submitted to EC
4. Publications: ‘Tests and trainings included in response to Radiological and Nuclear threats’ publication in NCT Magazine
5. Events to come:
- Webinar INCLUDING Federation Open Day on 21 September 2020
- 1st Annual Workshop on 8 October 2020 as an on-line meeting
- Joint Action in Bologna Spring/Fall 2022
6. The INCLUDING Federation Testbed: The Gemelli Hospital
7. Technical Corner: Robotic Inspection Systems in Nuclear Environments
8. Meet The Expert: Prof. Daniele Gui speaking about medical aspects of RN events
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