Our project in STAIR4SECURITY Newsletter

by including team / 14 Apr 2020
Our project in STAIR4SECURITY Newsletter

One of our sister projects is @Stair4Security (i.e. twitter id.) and we have been collaborating closely with them, especially Ms. Patricia Compard (Chairperson CEN TC391) and Tom Flynn (@TFCRIL). The main objective of STAIR4SECURITY is to deliver a collaborative platform as a 'single entry point' for information on the security sector stemming primarily from research activities in order to allow for better governance of standardization needs in the Disaster Risk Resilience (DRR) and Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNe) sectors to be realised. The platform will be practitioner / policy-making driven. This month (04/20), STAIR4SECURITY issued their newsletter. Coverage on INCLUDING project (@H2020Including) is well represented.  


It includes a video interview of our Project Coordinator, Dr. Luigi De Dominiciswhich is also on their website. On April 24th 2020, STAIR4SECURITY will host a webinar to demonstrate their platform to many related #H2020 security projects. This will involve the participation of the INCLUDING project. We look forward to it and continued solid engagements with this project. To know more about STAIR4SECURITY, please visit www.cen-stair4security.eu.