INCLUDING JOINT ACTION, multidisciplinary field exercise trailer


IINCLUDING is conducting in Mikkeli (Finland) from 13th to 16 September 2021 a multidisciplinary field technical exercise (Joint Action). The organizing institution is the South-Savo Fire Department (SSAV) with the support of Mikkeli Development Miksei Company. The Joint Action exercise, FTX Mikkeli, is a multi-agency field technical exercise against R/N incident scenario caused by stolen and missing orphan source, Caesium-137 (137 55Cs) which is a radioactive isotope of caesium.
Activities from the dry run can be seen in the movie! More will come as the full exercise is planned on 15 September 2021!





INCLUDING JOINT ACTION, multidisciplinary field exercise, 22-23.06.2021


INCLUDING has succeeded to execute on 22nd June 2021 at the Piraeus Port Commercial Terminal in Athens its first Joint Action. It has been a successful exercise organized by the Hellenic Ministry of Defence (HMOD) in collaboration with the Port Authorities and the Greek Atomic Energy Commission. More than 40 observers from abroad, and high-level representatives of HMOD, assisted in the response to the discovery of an unknown radiological source in a cargo container. It has been the first possibility to implement the INCLUDING vision to promote innovation in the management of radiological emergencies through sharing of resources among stakeholders from different Member States. Moreover, the Joint Action at Piraeus has been also the first setting where to test the added value of the INCLUDING Web based platform for planning and executing a field exercise with mobilization of technological and human resources. The CBRNe Coy centre at Chaidiri, western outskirt of Athens, hosted on 23 June 2021 a vibrant evaluation session lead by experts from the Nuclear Security Centre of Excellence (NSCOE) in Lithuania.

See the movie from the event!






The H2020 INCLUDING Project organized on 8th October 2020 the first of a series of five planned Annual Workshops till summer of 2024.

This 1st Workshop was focused on three main topics.
>> The first – open issues in nuclear security and with a focus on the status of the international activities, the management of a radiological crime scene and problems in medical aspects posed by specific scenarios.
>>The second topic - deals with very recent events where radiation environmental monitoring has been key in assessing the possible onset of a radiological emergency.
>>The third topic – possible use of assets and capabilities of RN domain for the support in countering COVID-19.

The video is now available!





INCLUDING Federation Open Day, 21.09.2020


The meeting was chaired by Rachele Brancaleoni from USCS and the presentation were delivered by the INCLUDING Partners from ENEA, NKUA, SSAV, HMOD.

• Background information about INCLUDING project.
• The concept of the Federation – a cluster of radiological and nuclear security operators. The benefits of joining the Federation, presented by Luigi De Dominicis, Project Coordinator,from ENEA.
• The details of the management tool for remote booking and utilization of resources in the Federation: the INCLUDING web-based platform, presented by Prof. Stathes Hadjiefthymiades from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA).
• The Federation testbeds and Joint Action events to be organised by the project:
>> Spring 2021: “Multi-agency field exercise to respond to a radiological incident”, presented by Jyri Silmari from St. Michel Stad City of Mikkely (SSAV).
>> Summer 2021: a field demonstration at the Joint CBRN Defence Company, presented by Capt. Spyridon Kolovos from the Ministry of National Defence of Greece (HMOD).

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INCLUDING and Stair4Security discussed common grounds and cross-fertilisation opportunities


In the video, Luigi De Dominicis, INCLUDING projec Coordinator discussed with Stair4Security a common grounds between the two projects and possible cross-fertilisation to address the concerns of security standardisation and CBRNe.

Stair4Security aims to deliver a policy making / practitioner driven platform, that enables a more effective networking within experts from research, industry including SMEs, practitioners, policy makers and standardizer to be realised -

INCLUDING took part in the joint Stair4Security/NO-FEAR event, that took place in Rome on November 23rd, 2019.